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5 October 2016
  1. At present, I’m working as a Software Engineer at TransUnion, Cherry Hill. Here, I mainly focus on .NET MVC, Selenium & React JS.

  2. I worked as a .NET Developer, Android Developer, iOS Developer, UI / Graphics Designer at CobbleStone Systems Corp. in New Jersey. I use the magic of HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery and javascript to create awesome front-end UI experiences to the fast, optimized, and well documented .NET C# back-end code, developed […]

  3. During my vacation, I got an exciting opportunity to be an intern as a Mobile developer at HGE Health Care Solutions, Philadelphia, USA. It was an amazing feeling to have my very own first work desk in a software company. During my internship, I worked on Android phones, tabs, and […]

  4. People who know me very well knows that I’m a guy who likes to try new things. If such an opportunity comes to me, I’ll cease the moment! One such opportunity came to me during my post U.G. break where I got a chance to volunteer as a Pharmacy Technician […]

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