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Intern – Mobile Application Developer

29 June 2016

During my vacation, I got an exciting opportunity to be an intern as a Mobile developer at HGE Health Care Solutions, Philadelphia, USA. It was an amazing feeling to have my very own first work desk in a software company. During my internship, I worked on Android phones, tabs, and iPhones. I had to design the UI and UX for a mobile software application with the purpose of helping patients recover from liver transplantation, design the mobile software application of their web-based clinical workstation which was responsible for 275 unique users per day, be a key integral team member in the deployment of mobile devices for a large-scale clinical trial, created internal documentation for the software development and deployment, and created UAT (user acceptance testing) documentation that was used for prospective patients in the field. This was a great experience for me as I was exposed to many different types of software related works, and I’m pretty sure that the experience gathered from here would certainly help me in the future.

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