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The TMTM Intelligent Shuttle Management and Routing Algorithm (ISMARA) was my MCA Main Project which was about creating a Shuttle Routing Algorithm that can be made to manage and automate the shuttle services of any large campus or university, along with an application system that can implement this. This project included the creation and demonstration of a web portal, an online cloud server, an Android app and an Arduino based route display board, along with the new algorithm being proposed to route the cabs efficiently. I also published a Journal Paper about my ISMARA Algorithm. The main functionality of the project was to 1) Route Cabs to various routes based on passenger demands (based on the algorithm proposed by me). 2) Track the passenger usage by scanning the ID Cards and creating a Digital Payment Portal. 3) Create a Web Portal and an Android App which can be used by users to track the cabs, the destination its going, and the number of available seats inside. 4) Minimize fuel usage by deploying cabs only when needed. 5) Create an efficient Budget Managing System. 6) And to Implement all the above mentioned points without the need of any costly hardware.

Client VIT University, Vellore

Published on 10 May, 2017

Skills Android Studio, Arduino Embedded Programming, Microsoft Visual Studio, HTML 5, CSS Responsive Design, JQuery, JavaScript, Remote MySQL, JSON, Adobe Photoshop