Project Description

Why do all the users have to download the same Video or song and waste their GB's downloading the same? Downloading once and being able to share it among friends makes it more epic. Thats where TMTM EPIC helps. The TMTM Entertainment Portal Inside Campus (EPIC) is an Intranet based media sharing website where people can share their Entertainment Media to many in the same intranet network. Users can upload media to the system, which first have to be approved by the admin for others to view. TMTM does not entertain or promote sharing of Copyrighted content across this platform. The Characters and Posters depicted in the screenshots are the properties of their respective owners.

Client VIT University

Published on 10 November, 2016

Skills ASP.NET (C#), HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL Server 2012, Microsoft Visual Studio